Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Are you living a life of prevention? Do you eat healthy to prevent illness? Are you in God's Word to prevent wrong behavior and making the wrong decisions? Do you keep your children home to prevent them from gaining a secular education? There is a lot that we do to prevent us from things that we want to avoid or work on for our own good...whether it be for our faith, our safety, our health or our relationships. This is a lot to ponder and we can seek the Lord to help give us wisdom on what we can work on in terms of prevention for His glory.

I love the defnition of "prevent" in the 1828 Webster's Dictionary. It means "to go before; to precede, as something unexpected or unsought; to anticipate; to preoccupy; to pre-engage; to attempt first; to hinder; to obstruct". A lot to think about as all of these convey an action from us!

What are the things in your life and in your childrens life that you want to prevent? Ask the Lord what changes He wants you to make. Please join with me in meditating on this! I pray that "mine eyes prevent the night watches, that I might meditate in thy word" (Psalm 119:148).

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