Sunday, April 14, 2013

From Juicing to Muffins

I'll be honest and say that my diet hasn't been the healthiest lately, so I've really been feeling the need to juice. After following my friend over at Juicing Momma and seeing pictures of all the beautiful juices she makes through her journeyI'm even more motivated!  I finally decided to go get some organic beet, apples, cabbage, carrots and parsley to make one for myself yesterday.
This leads to...
The juice turned out to be a beautiful red color. It had more of a kick to it than I expected; from the cabbage, I assume. Besides the spiciness of it, it turned out to have a pretty good beet flavor, which I love! I ended up having the juice all to myself, considering that my family were not fans! I personally will rate it a 7 out of 10 and will use less cabbage next time.

...this, which leads to...

I was left with all of this pulp afterwards and just couldn't get myself to throw it away. I ended up just putting it in a baggie and placing it in the fridge for the meantime.
...this, which leads to...
I did a search tonight about how to use leftover pulp in recipes and came across a muffin one that sounded good. With some tweaks of my own, I gave it a try and was really impressed with how these turned out. They were a hit and everyone approved this time! So, if you have some leftover pulp and would like a healthier muffin recipe, this one is worth making! Feel free to tweak as you like too.

...this! Yumm!

Review: The Principle Approach® Primer

"Today can be the first day of the journey towards a Biblical worldview and the mastering of an educational philosophy and methodology that is founded on the Truth of God's Word and sure to "set you free!"
Are you feeling trapped and overwhelmed with everything that needs to be covered based on your choice of curriculum and ready to be set free from the bondage it can bring? Do you want to begin a new season of learning at the feet of Jesus to bring purpose and liberty back into home education?  Is it your desire to instill a Biblical worldview in your children? Do I have an excellent resource for you!

Gina Glenn with A Cherished Keeper is a veteran homeschool mom who loves the Lord and Liberty. She has written a short and easy to read e-book entitled The Principle Approach® Primer  to introduce homeschool educators with the words, terms, philosophy, methodology and general ideas of the Principle Approach® method of education that can bring life and liberty back into your home. She has successfully educated her four children with this method of education and continues to grow and learn with excitement; not resistance or frustration that can be so common with home educating. Due to Gina's passion in sharing the Principle Approach® with others, she is offering this e-book for free on Kindle until Thursday, April 18th!

I have read through this e-book three times now and will definitely go back to read again &'s that good! Each time I have read through it, I gain more understanding and a heightened love for the Principle Approach® method of education. Gina did an amazing job putting this e-book together in such an easy to read and understand format. I love how she shares her story in the beginning and then goes on to helping you understand the lingo and terms used within this approach. She concludes it by sharing how important it is to teach and learn the principles of Christ using God's Word as the primary textbook and reclaiming our American Christian history for the next generation. I highly recommend this resource for every parent and home educator...familiar or not with the Principle Approach® method of education. Everyone will benefit by reading it!
Initially, The Principle Approach® Primer could be used as a quick read to learn more about this methodology and then become a resource to come back to and glean from as you continue your homeschool journey. You will be encouraged every time you pick this resource up because it will help carry you through as you learn and grow while sitting at Jesus' Feet to raise your children for Him!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Steadfast Spirit

In the beginning of the year, my dear friends and accountability group partners went on a wonderful retreat that was much-needed for all of us. Each of us lead a devotion time and they were all spirit-filled. Marcy with Ben and Me had a special activity for us to do during her devotion. We were to create a heart map to help us reflect on people, things and ideas that we want our hearts to focus on this year.

The key verse she had chosen just happened to be the same as what I had shared in my devotion; these were individually planned prior to our retreat. I would say that's God's Providence working!

"Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me."
Psalm 51:10
In the 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary, renew means "to revive, to make fresh/new; to implant holy affections in the heart; to regenerate". Steadfast means "firmly fixed or established; constant; steady". While steady is defined as "not easily moved or persuaded; to support; to hold or keep from shaking or falling".
This verse has been placed on my heart several times since the retreat. The interesting thing is I am just now realizing it! Reflecting back on the past few months, I now see that the Lord has really been tugging at my heart. I believe that He knows how much more I needed renewal than I dare to admit.  
Lately, I've been also meditating on the extension of that verse which reads:

"Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me.
Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me."
Psalm 51:11-12

Restore means "to replace; to return; as a person or thing to a former place; to repair, to revive; to bring back after absence; to bring to a sense of sin and amendment of life; to renew or re-establish after interruption; as, peace is restored." Sustain is defined as "to bear; to uphold; to support; to maintain; to keep alive; to endure without failing or yielding".

I am thankful for the Lord's patience and persistence. I am so glad that He never gives up on me and how he lovingly convicts me for my own good! His forgiveness sets me free from my guilt and shame of so much time spent on other things that I felt were so important. Maybe I needed that time to open my eyes and bring me back to what's really important; learning at my Father's feet and spending time with Him so that His Spirit can work in me to the hearts of my children. I will continue to meditate on these verses and pray through them so that my joy may be complete in Him and not what this world has to offer.

Thank you Lord for working in my heart and renewing a Spirit within me that will not be easily shaken and reviving my soul with your joy and fulfillment that You alone can give!

If you are curious to read more about our retreat, R is for Renew, Refresh, Reflect, Rest, Read . . . Retreat! is an excellent post from Marcy! I encourage you to create a heart map of your own and include a life verse for you to meditate on. 

While you're here, enjoy the song below and be blessed!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Review: Teaching Biblical Ideas & Reasoning Online Seminar from Pilgrim Institute

I was recently blessed by attending a new online seminar by Mrs. Ruth Smith from Pilgrim Institute called Teaching Biblical Ideas and Reasoning.

In only about an hour's time altogether, Mrs. Smith will guide you through seven sections to enlighten your understanding of what the Principle Approach is, why we should teach biblical ideas & reasoning, how we teach using this method and what is required of us as Christian parents who want to raise our children with America's historic method of Biblical reasoning. You can also enjoy forum questions so that you can interact with Mrs. Smith and others involved in this seminar.

Even though I have been familiar with the Principle Approach method of teaching and learning for about 4 years now, this was great to attend as it breathed life back into me in regards to urging me onward to continue this task that God has given me. A task of bringing up these children that He has given me to raise them up to know Him and follow Him no matter what happens in this life. I want them to have understanding of His Providential care and to be self-governed. Where does that begin? With me! I am thankful for the Lord's convictions, His patience and work in changing my heart toward what he wants for me and my children.

With that said, this seminar was so timely and what I needed. I enjoyed how much I learned and was inspired in such a short amount of time. I assure that you will be blessed by it too!

I pray that I peaked your interest and that you will take a moment to register for this wonderful seminar that you can attend on your own time and go back to it over & over again!

For a limited time you can benefit from the Teaching, Learning & Saving Spring Sale that will be ending on April 9th. For only $15, the Pilgrim Institute allows you to register for the Teaching Biblical Ideas and Reasoning course that I so highly recommend.

Be sure to grab the FREE audio download:
The Christian Method of Correcting Wrong by James Rose

Please pass this post along to other parents and educators whom you know that would like to know about this. I'm sure this will be an answer to someone's prayers as you feel led!

"Cast not away therefore your confidence,
which hath great recompence of reward.
For ye have need of patience, that,
after ye have done the will of God,
ye might receive the promise." 
Hebrews 10:35-36