Sunday, April 14, 2013

From Juicing to Muffins

I'll be honest and say that my diet hasn't been the healthiest lately, so I've really been feeling the need to juice. After following my friend over at Juicing Momma and seeing pictures of all the beautiful juices she makes through her journeyI'm even more motivated!  I finally decided to go get some organic beet, apples, cabbage, carrots and parsley to make one for myself yesterday.
This leads to...
The juice turned out to be a beautiful red color. It had more of a kick to it than I expected; from the cabbage, I assume. Besides the spiciness of it, it turned out to have a pretty good beet flavor, which I love! I ended up having the juice all to myself, considering that my family were not fans! I personally will rate it a 7 out of 10 and will use less cabbage next time.

...this, which leads to...

I was left with all of this pulp afterwards and just couldn't get myself to throw it away. I ended up just putting it in a baggie and placing it in the fridge for the meantime.
...this, which leads to...
I did a search tonight about how to use leftover pulp in recipes and came across a muffin one that sounded good. With some tweaks of my own, I gave it a try and was really impressed with how these turned out. They were a hit and everyone approved this time! So, if you have some leftover pulp and would like a healthier muffin recipe, this one is worth making! Feel free to tweak as you like too.

...this! Yumm!


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